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    Tycoon Logistics Ltd.acts as agents to both importers and exporters. We are specialized in the handling of customs formalities and clearance, we book space for both containerized as well as breakbulk cargoes, effect transhipment and deal with all documentation for the local and international trade.

    Major corporations as well as small enterprises are our valued customers who appreciate our reliable, personalized service and professional advice. Our competitive rates and vast experience enable us to continuously increase the number of satisfied clients. We move with the time and are uptodate concerning new developments to the entire satisfaction of our Chinese and international customers. Our highly specialized team of experts guarantees the best service.

    We extend our offer of our specialized service to international shipping lines and forwarding agents and invite them to allow us to represent them in China.

    The need for freight forwarding and logistics services is expected to increase considerable as trading volumes continue to grow as a direct result of China's entry into W.T.O.

    We offer a full range of such services including warehousing express air deliveries, shipping and rail freight, trucking, customs clearance and distribution, tracking and monitoring of freight units, applying electronics data interchange (EDI) technology to facilitate Just-In-Time based supply chain management.

    We provide not only the basic services at economical cost but assist our clients all round like documentation and if necessary intervene with authorities. We are flexible and fast and our service is personalized. With lower overheads when compared to larger organizations, we truly do achieve lower charges.

    There is nothing our valued clients may require which we cannot handle.